The need for sustainable agricultural development is key for the future of the country’s economic well-being as well as keeping up with the ever-growing consumer demand. Orion Partnerships aims to empower rural farmers from subsistence to commercial farmers. This will ensure that there will be an increased supply of locally-grown harvests alleviating costly and genetically modified derivatives from abroad.


Property development

The main function of this division is to develop new properties as well as redevelop and upgrade the existing Orion Group property portfolio. The strategy going forward is to identify development and redevelopment op­portunities in South Africa and into Africa. Orion Developments has a small team with most profes­sional services and construction work outsourced. Its sister company Orion Facilities Management is capable of undertaking the smaller projects.


Orion Developments division has completed a number of significant projects with many more in the pipeline for 2016.







Orion Partnerships will research and develop sustainable energy solutions for both commercial and private use. The focus on alternative energy such as bio-fuels and solar power have come under the spotlight in recent years and Orion Partnerships will work towards providing South Africa with reliable and most of all cost effective sources of energy.


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